Christine Walter – Coach

‘I was watching a movie with my husband the other day and the son said to the father “you don’t do life Dad, you CHOOSE life”.  This summed it up for me.  You see to me, life isn’t a ‘space filler’ between birth and death; it is a gift; and when we make the most of it amazing things happen.  When we go after what we really want life is truly amazing.

Hi!  I am Christine and I am your qualified Coach and hypnotherapist.

I always believe there has to be a purpose to life.  In fact, research shows us that when we know our purpose we have more vitality in our lives – purpose is our vitality.

I love helping people to achieve their goals so they can live their life as they intend it and with good purpose.  With over 20 years’ experience in managing, coaching and mentoring people I absolutely practise what I preach. I wholeheartedly believe that everyone has the resources and answers to achieve their own personal resolution within themselves. I am the pleasant conduit to that self-discovery.

Here are just 10 reasons  why you might choose me as your Coach.

  1. I listen.  We all like to be heard.  I don’t judge, I listen.
  2. I want you to be free.  I help you find your resources, your answers.  This gives you resources for a lifetime not just during coaching.
  3. I provide a safe space for you to be yourself and explore your challenges freely.
  4. I am open, flexible and agile when coaching.
  5. I am comfortable in discussing uncomfortable topics and I will ask the hard questions
  6. I work with you for the outcomes you desire.
  7. I walk my talk and ask nothing of you that I would not be prepared to do myself.
  8. I practice self-reflection so I keep growing as a Coach
  9. I am authentic and integrous.  Integrity is very important to me.
  10. All sessions are focussed on you and your outcomes. There is no set amount of sessions to a rigorous plan, I respond to what you want to work on.