Coaching Hypnotherapy Training

‘I was watching a movie with my husband the other day and the son said to the father “you don’t do life Dad, you CHOOSE life”.  This summed it up for me.  You see to me, life isn’t a ‘space filler’ between birth and death; it is a gift; and when we make the most of it amazing things happen.  When we go after what we really want life is truly amazing.

Most people logically make adaptations in the behaviour level of change; when we make it at a more intrinsic level – that is where the real change is made.

Why be bored when you can be excited?
Why be scared when you can be exhilarated?
Why be anxious when you can be free?
Why be sad when you can be happy?

Why BE anything other than what you are truly meant to be – authentically yourself!‘ 

Christine Walter