Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner Level Training

Congratulations on joining us on this journey into NLP.

Please feel comfortable in the knowledge that you are not alone as you start out.  You will embed you learning steadily by listening to recordings that take you through each part, and by completing simple exercises, which in some cases are creating opportunities for you to reflect on how NLP can make a significant difference for you today. These exercises and reflections are submitted for review by me, your course facilitator.  Be assured that this isn’t about right or wrong, I am guiding your knowledge growth and am here to scaffold you as you learn.  If something is a little confusing for now, or you would like elaboration on an aspect of the learning, you can contact me via telephone or email or by messaging me through the contact page.

It is important that all exercises of the pre-learning have been submitted before joining us on the week of practical participation. It is also important that if feedback has been offered to extend your knowledge that this is well underway as well before attending this week.  This course is designed for you to experience NLP as much as learn about it.  The practical exercises create muscle memory and this is far more powerful than reading or listening alone.

The sooner you get started the easier the more relaxed you will be in the learning and therefore the easier and more efficiently you will find this so take a few moments to note the information on how to make the most of this learning [Erwin – can we have a link page to this information] before starting on your first two units.


I would like to take a moment here to acknowledge and thank for providing the music included in these recordings.


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