What is NLP?

Joseph O’Connor and Joseph Seymour said if they were to give a two minute explanation of NLP it would go like this.  They would walk on stage and say

Firstly, know what you want, have a clear idea of your outcome in any situation.

Secondly, be alert and keep your senses open so that you notice what you are getting.

Thirdly, have the flexibility to keep changing what you do until you get what you want…”

and then they would walk off.

Listen to the five recordings in this section that cover the Background of NLP and then take a few minutes to complete the three simple questions to embed your knowledge.

Be sure to use your own words when completing the exercises.  This ensures that you know you have understood it and signals to me that you have too.  If you have any questions please let me know.


Background to NLP

1.0 An Introduction to NLP


1.1 What is NLP?


1.2 The creators of NLP

The Essence and Ecology of NLP

1.3 The Essence of NLP


1.4 The Ecology of NLP

Manual Documents for Unit 1

1.1.Background of NLP.manual.