4.1 Neurological Levels

If our behaviour the tip of the iceberg of all that contributes to it from our internal representations why do we try to make change on a behaviour level only?  Unless we make change within the mind, a behavioural change is often short lived.   Top athletes make intrinsic changes and transformations literally BE a top athlete.  All of their internal representations are in alignment, in NLP known as “congruence” and each one supports the other.  Incongruence creates internal conflict.  Internal conflict can be a block to achieving goals.

 Neurological Levels Diagram

4.1.1 Neurological Levels – Environment, Behaviour and Capabilities

4.1.2 Neurological Levels – Beliefs

4.1.3 Neurological Levels – Values and Identity

4.1.4 Incorporating what you have just learnt

4.1.5 Neurological Levels in Business

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