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Insomnia is a common problem all over the world. If you suffer from insomnia more often than not it is because you just can’t get your brain to be idle.  Problems at work or in personal life can lead to stress and anxiety which contributes further to sleeplessness.  Many people go about solving problems by trying to think them through, which one could argue makes perfect sense; rarely do they get solved by overthinking though which is a prime cause of insomnia.

Medication and insomnia

Help with Insomnia

Help with Insomnia

Medication can assist short term but medication always comes with side effects, some of which are undesirable and potentially addictive. Some people rely on coffee and energy drinks to assist them through another fatigue filled day. Neither medication nor stimulants should be considered as a long term solution for obvious health reasons.

“The best cure for insomnia is to get a lot of sleep.”   – W. C. Fields

Hypnosis can assist you in overcoming insomnia

Gaining consistent nights of good quality sleep allows a better functioning mind through the day time providing you with the ability to cope better with the stresses, strains and challenges.  Sleep also allows the body to repair itself so as well as more energy and a functioning mind, you can also enhance your health and well-being just by sleeping better. Hypnosis and relaxation techniques are a great ways to start sleeping well again.

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