Overcome your fear of surgery – Auckland

Are you considering surgery?  Does the thought of it make you nervous and hinder that final decision?  If it is elective surgery you have a choice although, because surgery is being considered it would certainly imply improvement for you after surgery. If it is not elective and you are nervous, allow yourself to go into it feeling calm and in control.  It is absolutely possible.

Fear of surgery

It is quite common to feel apprehensive about surgery, particularly if it is major surgery.  The level of your apprehension, or fear, impacts on your physical well-being; such as increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, upset stomach, none of which makes you feel any better.

fear of surgery

Overcome your fear of surgery

I can help you to feel more relaxed leading into the surgery, control your anxiety while being prepared for surgery and assist you in recovering and healing well.

Here is what a recent client had to say about assistance in preparing to have general anesthetic to have 4 wisdom teeth removed.

“After practicing what I was told to do, I was calm on the day of the surgery.  After the surgery, I had no pain, no swelling, and no bleeding.“

I understand that any surgery is serious.  Call me now so I can assist you in undertaking your surgery in a more calm and relaxed manner and support your quicker, more comfortable recovery.

Disclaimer: As each person is uniquely individual results cannot be guaranteed.

Tell me a story, ask me a question or just contact me to discuss how I can assist you to reach your potential now.