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Constant pain is as much a mental stress as it is physical.  Understandably there is constant tension and worry about the pain and moving can be difficult; at times you may feel moving is to be avoided at all cost.  You might feel withdrawn, sadness or anxious, irritable and lacking confidence. Your quality of life is impacted for both you and your loved ones.  Constant pain is neither pleasant for the person it affects nor for the people around them.

Hypnosis can reduce pain and discomfort

Research has proven that hypnosis can reduce pain and discomfort.  In fact a pioneer in hypnosis, James Esdaile conducted over 200 major operations in the 1840’s with hypnosis being the only form of pain relief.  In 2004 Dr Patterson of University of Washington School of Medicine published research that proved unequivocally that hypnosis is effective with both acute and chronic pain. Dental work under hypnosis, including extraction, is more common than you might think.

Medication or Hypnosis?

Pain relief through Hypnosis

Pain relief through Hypnosis

Medication can help and does help but long term use of medication can have its own impact on the body; particularly the stomach, blood pressure and kidneys. Many people cannot take anything stronger than paracetamol so why not let self-hypnosis help control the pain further.

It is my intention to assist you with relief from pain and discomfort on a long term basis.  By relieving pain and discomfort your anxiety can be reduced and the ability to reclaim many aspects of quality of life can be created.  In some cases such as arthritis, exercise is beneficial so pain relief can enable some light exercise to take place.

I will teach you to undertake your own self-hypnosis in order for you to provide yourself with relief from pain and discomfort as and when you choose.  As you open your mind to hypnosis and become more proficient you will ease your pain and discomfort for years to come. What would that be like for you?

So contact me now and in just 4  x one hour sessions you can be confident enough to manage the pain yourself when and where you want.  Imagine now what your life will be like when you can do that.

Disclaimer: As each person is uniquely individual results cannot be guaranteed.

Tell me a story, ask me a question or just contact me to discuss how I can assist you to reach your potential now.