Breakthrough coaching here in Auckland

There is nothing wrong and everything right, with having audacious goals and having the life you want every single day.  There would be no history makers if it were not permissible. Breakthrough coaching sessions are a powerful half day or full day session focused on transformation for you.

What are your dreams?

Martin Luther King Jnr shared a famous speech which within it said “I have a dream”.  His dream was so clear and so specific it did eventually come true.  So what are your dreams? If one man can lead a large number of people to change a country what can you do for yourself?

For a lot of people dreams are coupled with fears, thoughts of doubt, limiting beliefs and negative self-talk. Some are simply afraid to try. What would it be like for you to have your dream and be free of these inhibitors?

Realise your goals and achieve your dreams

Don’t let doubt, fear and negative people – including yourself – get in the way of what you really want.
I love helping people to realise their goals and achieve their dreams.

Breakthrough Coaching

Breakthrough Coaching here in Auckland

Learn how to set your big audacious goals and how to break them down into achievable outcomes. Discover how balanced your life is. Learn to place emphasis on what is important and let go of what is not.

Your Breakthrough session

It is your choice of length of time for your Breakthrough session – a half day or full day.

I am confident you will find this  Breakthrough coaching session highly motivational because you will spend time focusing on what is important to you as you challenge your barriers.  Be prepared for an exciting finish which will exhilarate and cement all that you have discovered throughout.

What are your audacious goals and empowering dreams?
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Disclaimer: As each person is uniquely individual results cannot be guaranteed.

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