Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner Course

The NLP Practitioner training level is a combination of principles and practical experience to allow all participants to fully learn and integrate the knowledge.  A combination of facilitated learning as well as self-directed learning in between the two weeks of training allows you to incorporate NLP into your daily lives and entrain the brain into a new way of being.

NLP Practitioner Course description

Enjoy your self discovery through learning NLP. This course a manual, instructions for techniques, scripts and experience in facilitating the techniques.

  • Participate in the practical learning experience during two fun weeks of training with your trainer and other participants
  • Information packed practical training starting from the basics advancing to participating in the practical techniques.
  • Training incorporates the power of NLP within business as well as personal life.
  • All designed for you to enjoy the powerful experience of NLP for long lasting results
  • With approximately 140 hours of NLP training incorporated in this course it meets international NLP training standards

“A life changing course and learning techniques that I will take with me always.  Christine’s approach to teaching is truly inspirational.  I loved each and every day and would, without doubt, recommend [this] to others wishing to transform both their own lives and that of others.” Rebekah H.

Who should participate?

  • Anyone who is interested in understanding how the language of the mind creates the patterns and programmes we operate our lives by
  • Anyone seeking more self awareness and would like to feel more in control of their thoughts and emotions
  • Anyone seeking more self awareness in their behaviours and outcomes; who would like to clear their “stuck states” and move forward.
  • Team leaders and managers who would like to lead and influence their teams more effectively and learn skills to resolve conflict.

  • Trainers who desire to be much more influential with their audiences
  • Anyone who wants to create from an “outcomes focus”, opposed to a “problem focus”.
  • Sales people and anyone who would like to know more about the art of influence
  • Human resource people who would like to recruit effectively and improve dealing with difficult employees and desire more skills with conflict resolution, powerful conversations and understanding staff better
  • Customer service people

  • Anyone who would like to help others with personal change.
  • Anyone who seeks to get more from life including balance, clarity in what matters to them,
  • Anyone who wants to achieve their dreams.
  • Anyone who desires confidence, courage, positive thoughts and empowerment in any situation.
  • Anyone who wants to enhance creativity and flexibility.
  • Anyone seeking the life they desire.





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