Training Service

Training is for the purpose of enhancing skills, knowledge and capability of your business’ key asset – the people. It provides employees with an opportunity to increase their prospects for problem solving and aids quality performance of your employees. An employee often becomes more proficient and therefore productive when they are well trained.

Why Train Staff?

By offering your staff training you are showing loyalty in them and your perceived capabilities of them. This in turn increases the overall morale of your employee allowing them an opportunity to provide their best for the employer and in turn enhance the position of your business in the market place. It also inspires your employee to seek promotion within your company and encourages longevity in your employees. We all know that it costs much more to employ a new staff person than to retain your good employees; financially, both in recruitment and also in retraining, and the changing dynamics of your workplace culture.

The Benefits of Training

enhancing skills, knowledge and capability

Enhancing skills, knowledge and capability

Staff who are stale in their work or believe they are not being offered opportunities for self-development will soon leave and often good staff are lost through this employer oversight.

So in brief the benefits of training can be summed up as:

  • Enhanced performance and less supervision through improved skills and knowledge
  • Increased morale in employees
  • Opportunities for internal promotion
  • Favourable external feedback as an employer in the workplace potentially leading to a higher calibre of applicants.

Training For Your Team

There is always a variety of learning styles within a group of people and these are considered when preparing and presenting. My training sessions are never just a “sit and listen” sort of day and include visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learning opportunities.

So have a chat to me now about what you might require for your team. Recent training sessions include (and are not limited to):

  • Customer Service
  • Communication and communicating
  • Coaching your Team
  • Values Based Leadership
  • Sales Based Communication with NLP
  • Team Building
  • Running Effective Meetings
  • Information gathering workshop for a Staff Recognition Plan


Tell me a story, ask me a question or just contact me to discuss how I can assist you to reach your potential now.